High Power Probe Stations | Probe Stations Optimized for High Power Testing

Micromanipulator offers the most comprehensive probing solutions for high power measurements. From automated, manual, and accessories, to system optimized for packaged parts on test boards, we can configure the right probing system for your application.

Critical Capabilities

  • Anti arching technologies
  • Low contact resistance, probes and chuck
  • Easy sample load with push/pull removable sample access
  • Keysight and Keithley compatibility

Modular and Upgradeable

  • -65C to 400C thermal testing
  • Manual/Motorized/Semiautomatic upgrades
  • Shielding enclosures
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Up to 300mm
  • Packages and PCB’s

Empowering Technologies

  • Perpetual Focus Technology (PFT)
  • True Cal
  • Infinity Focus
  • True Guard
  • OS Freedom (automated systems)
  • Sub-Micron

Effortless Use

  • Never lose focus
  • Vibration dampening
  • Optics and probe quick lifts
  • Ready software and hardware in- terfaces to popular testers from Keysight, Keithley, and others.

Package and Test Board

Precise Probe Placement


-65C to 400C


Customer Value

Perpetual Focus Tech- nology (PFT)

PFT brings true ease of use and performance to customers by ensuring constant focus of test samples. PFT enhances probe station ease of use, reduces test sample, tip, and optics damage, and reduces probe station maintenance costs.

True Cal

True Cal takes PFT advantages to the DUT calibration measurement plane, saving time and improving meas- urement performance for the best, most repeatable measurement results.

Infinity Focus

Infinity focus technology eliminates the need for cumbersome, obsolete “auto focus” routines. Infinity Focus simplifies operation because operators do not need to constantly adjust optical focus, and speeds up semiau- tomatic operation because old fashioned “auto focus” routines are not required, saving both setup and auto- mated run times.

True Guard

True Guard is the only approach that allows proper application of both coaxial and triaxial measurement set- ups, in a single system. Some probing vendors incorrectly apply driven guard methodology which can be dangerous for high power measurements and complicate setups. Incorrect use of guarded technology places the burden of performance and high power safety on the station operator.

OS Freedom

Micromanipulator’s unique OS Freedom platform eliminates headaches associated with constant Microsoft OS migrations. This extends probe station life, eliminates down time, and significantly reduces cost of owner- ship.

  • Up to 300mm wafers
  • Manual, Motorized, Automated
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Individual die and pieces
  • Package level and board mounted devices
  • Ambient and Thermal

SHV, HV Triax, Kelvin

Easy To Use, Eficient

High Current, High Voltage

Anti Arching Technology

-65C to 400C

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