52-30 Male SMA to Male SMA 30” Length

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    Male SMA to Male SMA patch cord for use with model 44 probe holders with SMA connector.  30″ length.



    Cable 52-30 SMAm-SMAm 30” (76cm) Coaxial cable with SMA right angle male connector to SMA straight male connector. The cable is RG 178 coaxial cable with a capacitance of approximately 29 pf per foot (884 pf per cm), 50 ohms of impedance, attenuation of 0.29 db per foot (884 db per cm) at 400MHz. The dielectric is ploytetrafluoroethylene
    The shield is woven sliver plated copper. The outer jacket is fluorinated ethylene-proylene with an outside diameter of 0.08 inch (2mm).

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