Mechatronics ACE Probe Holder (ACE-PRB-HLDR-M-X)

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    • Solid brass body with 4″ malleable center section
    • Set screw probe tip clamp
    • Great all purpose probe holder that fits most tester’s/analyzer’s
    • Single wire terminates in banana plug or with banana to BNC Coaxial, & three lug Triaxial adapter
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    The ACE probe holder is the simplest way to order a probe holder that can fit most tester’s or analyzer’s when ordered with the triaxial connector. When you buy the S series your probe holder comes standard with banana plug. If ordering the C series your probe holder comes with the same banana plug & a coaxial connector. If ordering the T series you will get all the previously mentioned connectors and the triaxial connector as well.

    The shank section is 1/8 inch (3.2mm) in diameter. The lug connection to the probe has a 7 strand 30 gauge lead wire attached which has a resistance of 16.14 ohms per 1000 feet (52.95 ohms per Km) at 20°C. The 30 gauge wire is 30″ (76cm) in length. The lead wire terminates in a banana plug connector that adapts to coaxial or triaxial connectors when ordered. The malleable center section is 1/16 inch (1.6mm) in diameter. This malleable section is 4″ in length (101.6mm) allowing you to customize the probe holder to fit our systems or any other platform out there.



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