Mechatronics ACE Manipulators

$1,680.00 (excl. 0% Tax)

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    • Miniarc motion
    • 32 T.P.I. (thread per inch) X-Y-Z drive
    • 0.4 inch (10mm) maximum travel per axis X-Y-Z
    • Left or Right handed
    • Magnetic base
    $1,680.00 (excl. 0% Tax)
    $1,680.00 (excl. 0% Tax)
    $1,680.00 (excl. 0% Tax)
    $1,680.00 (excl. 0% Tax)


    Mechatronics ACE manipulator, left or right hand (XYZ controls forward facing when placed on corresponding side of probing setup). Mini-arch motion places probe needles precisely onto probing sample. 32 T.P.I (threads per inch) fine XYZ drive.  Magnetic base.  For use with Mechatronics probe holders, probe tips, and stations (order separately).

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