6200 Micromanipulator Probe Station Factory Refurbished

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  • Permanently planarized stage & vacuum chuck
  • Coarse & Fine stage translation controls X & Y
  • Fine & Fast Lift platen controls in Z
  • Independent microscope lift
  • Compound Microscope


Micromanipulator’s 6200 series is the most widely used probe station by any manufacturer. Compatible with Micromanipulator’s extensive line of probes and accessories, the 6200 series is very compact and economical making it an
excellent foundation on which to build a complete probing system.

This station is designed for the ease of use, stability and precision that you expect from a Micromanipulator probe station.

The Model 6200 station has both coarse and fine X-Y stage controls which allow the user to quickly move across the wafer but also precisely position the sample for exact probing. The fast pull-out stage with vacuum lock allows for fast and easy access to the chuck to load and unload samples.

The 1” x 1” x 2” (25mm x 25mm x 50mm) X-Y-Z microscope controls allow the user to view device structures and place widely placed probes under high magnification without moving the sample. The microscope may be mounted in a number of heights to accommodate structures of varying height. This 6200 has a compound microscope for high magnification of small wafer structures.

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