79-6000-TD-03 Kelvin Triaxial Probe Holder

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    Dual Force and Sense 30″ long signal wires with male triaxial connectors for  connection to Kelvin measurement instruments. Total body length = 1-7/8”.

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    Kelvin probe holders provide the benefits of a probe holder with the two cable output of a Kelvin probe. The wiring configuration joins the center conductors of the two cables at the probe tip holder. The shields are joined just outside the tubular body. The outer most shields are connected to a ground wire and clip. The triaxial Kelvin probe holders have a two tubular body construction. Kelvin probing with a single point rather than duel points (per probe) eliminates the problem of planarity and contact uniformity. Plus the single probe holder reduces the expense of two probe holders and two manipulators. This probe holder is ideal for applications where platen space is at a premium and where contact space is difficult or limited.

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