High Power Probe Holders

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    We can make mostly any high power probe. However, we have a series of probe holders designed to operate with most Keithley and Keysight power sources and analyzers.

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    Weight .5 lbs
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    79-8000-THV-KTH (Keithley Triaxial Three Lug 5kV), 79K-8000-THV-KEY (Keysight Kelvin Triaxial Three Lug 5kV), 79K-8000-THV-KTH (Keithley Triaxial Three Lug 5kV), 79K-8000-SHV-K (Standard Coaxial Two Lug Kelvin 5kV), 79-8000-SHV-HT (Standard Coaxial Two Lug 5kV), 79-8000-THV-KEY (Keysight Triaxial 5kV Connector), 79-8000-HV-03 (Standard Banana Jack 2.5kV)