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    The PPM203B has a three axis arm system. Engineered by Micromanipulator and designed to hold a variety of hand held probes from makers such as, Tektronix, Fluke, Rhode & Schwarz, ThermoFisher, Keysight, Arrow . It is a benchtop positioner designed to be used with handheld probes that need to interface with small geometries such as the probing of fine-pitch interconnects, SMD packages, MCMs (multi-chip-modules), hybrids and ICs. It incorporates a weighted base that makes it well-suited to probing fine pitches in benchtop applications. Examples of Tektronix probes this manipulator is designed for includes SMD, 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, TAP, TDP, Z-Active, and TriMode probes using metal probe adapter clamps. A common pairing of the PPM203B is with our VERSA Probe System.

    Get Micromanipulator level stability with handheld probes, sensors, and micropipettes on benchtop and probe stations alike.

    Used in Electrical, Medical, Assembly, Testing, Optical, and virtually all applications where precision is paramount.

    Micron level positioning paired with 14″ of course extension travel to accommodate benchtop and custom setups.

    Used in applications where you need to hold something stable and move precisely.

    Contact Micromanipulator so we can review your application and assist with the best configuration for your PPM203B.

    Theta: 360°
    High stability base
    Articulated arm reach X, Y: 14 inches
    Lead screw resolution in X, Y, & Z 10 threads per inch.

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    Weight 6 lbs
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