Manual Probe Station – Excellent Value and Performance

Micromanipulator’s probers include a large manual probe station selection that offers an excellent value in both price-performance and cost-of-ownership. From High Performance Manuals to General Purpose and Economy Manual stations, we are able to provide our customers with stable, reliable probing performance. We invite you to take a look at our comprehensive descriptions and comparisons for all of our probe stations.

Manual Probe Station – Configured to Meet Your Needs

Customers have come to rely on Micromanipulator probe stations to provide stability with open flexible designs that incorporate precise, dependable mechanics and our line-up of manual probers continue that tradition. Furthermore, all of our manual probers offer standard options so they can be configured the way you want them. The most popular options include probe card holders, thermal chucks, manipulators, unique probe holders, vibration isolation tables, and camera systems.

An example of one of our High Performance models, the 8060 (150-200mm) manual probe station, is the highest performance, highest value 200mm analytical prober available on the market today. The 8060 is designed for ease of use in demanding applications such as very low current and voltage probing, high and low temperature probing, and sub-micron target probing to the limits of visible optics. It may also be configured with an integrated environment that supports dark – shielded – dry probing.

Another excellent choice is the General Purpose 4060. It is a high efficiency general purpose 6-8” (150 – 200mm) manual probe station. Micromanipulator’s 4060s are designed for ease of use in everyday failure analysis, device characterization, and reliability applications. They are the industry’s most efficient, stable and reliable 150/200mm general purpose probe stations.

We not only invented analytical probing in 1956, but Micromanipulator is the leading name in the field. We reliably deliver the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on. Part of our company’s philosophy and what drives our success is an unfaltering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We invite you to check out our exceptional value on a quality manual probe station.

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